We are a Church without walls going to the Spiritually hungry. We preach the Word of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!!
Full Gospel Assemblies Church of Immanuel
About Full Gospel Assemblies Church of Immanuel

We are a church without walls, we go to the spiritually hungry and feed them the Good News of The Gospel
To bring the Good News of the Gospel by bringing the church to them thus providing the truths of the Bible with the ultimate desire to lead them toward a mature relationship with Jesus Christ thereby reclaiming what has been stolen from them.
Full Gospel Assemblies Church of Immanuel, is a Bible-teaching / preaching ministry, committed to communicating the truths of Scripture and the person of Jesus Christ in an accurate, clear, and practical manner. Our desire is for people to grow in their understanding of God’s plan for their lives and also to mature as authentic Christians. Our ministry recognizes and understands that it can be quite challenging for certain individuals (prisoners, senior citizens, truck drivers etc..) to attend a typical church due to (incarceration, disabilities, parking challenges of large trucks, etc...). Therefore, if the individual can’t attend a church, our passion is to take the church to them.”
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Your prayers and tax deductible donations will help us purchase Bibles and other ministry related resources that are needed to share the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. Thank you very much!
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Because we at Full Gospel Assemblies Church of Immanuel take church to the people, you can imagine how we don't have a regular congregation. The people we minister to at the campgrounds and truck stops are new almost every week. Therefore, the majority of funding has been either by us or in other creative ways.

In 2014 we Pastor Anthony and his daughter Raina began making bracelets out of paracord (Parachute cord) as a way to help Anthony's wife Stacy raise money for Relay For Life which she has been a supporter for over 6 years. It was not long before we came up with the idea of displaying our work in the back during our church services. We were not selling them but rather giving them away as a "thank you" gift for any donation.

In May of 2015 Pastor Bob had ankle surgery and was sidelined from the ministry for several months. He then asked if he could learn how to do it also as a way to keep him from going insane doing nothing at home. He quickly mastered his craft and was making anywhere from 15- 20 bracelets a day. Way more than Anthony could make.

As our skill improved we began making branching into more than just bracelets. There is a great selections of items in our store. Please take a look at what we have to offer and consider supporting our ministry.

*NOTE* 100% of all sales go to FGACI. We do not make a profit AT ALL.

You can visit our store by clicking the "Store" link above or by clicking here. Thank you and God bless.